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Our large 3 layer feathers are show stoppers for those who aren't afraid to stand out! Go big or go home!  That's what we say. ( Or you can just go nowhere and be gorgeous at home.)  Made of suede leather, these earrings are surprisingly soft and light for their size.  You will not be disappointed in these beauties!
Layers: Peacock-blue suede leather, metallic black suede leather and metallic brown suede leather.   Measures approximately 3.5 inches in length and light as a feather!  Made with recycled leather and high quality gold plated hardware.

Large 3 Layer Show Stopper

Is this item a gift?
  • We do not recommend getting our earrings wet such as swimming or bathing with them.  This can cause warping and peeling.  Give them a little care, and they will love you back for many years to come!