Hello!  Thanks so much for coming on over to So Fly.  My name is Tonya and I am honored you would visit me here.  I wish I could pour you a hot cup of coffee and invite you into my real life behind this screen.  It is a full and crazy life with four nutty kids (ages 15 down to 8), my one good man, and laundry.  LOTS of laundry.  You might have to step over some to get your coffee!  Yet somehow in the midst of it all, I accidentally started this little business called So Fly. 

 I have always been a creative who loves to find the beauty in seemingly simple or ordinary things.  A bird's nest.  A rusty old gate.  The patina of an old metal roof.  The glistening light in a child's eye as they tell a story - these are the things that draw me in.

And that's how So Fly began.  I was sitting one afternoon at a football game and noticed a friend's earrings beside me.  Up to that point,  I wouldn't have really said I was much of a jewelry person.  But because my friend's earrings were LEATHER - something unique, light weight, and natural - they really drew me in.  The next day I rooted  in my attic for some left over "pleather" I knew I had (from a previous project, of course!) and sat down to make my very first pair. I put my own spin on them and I loved them!  And so did my two little girls.  So we made some more with  friends at an upcoming sleepover.   The little girl's mother's wanted some earrings to match their daughter's! When we wore our earrings to around town, people stopped us and asked where we got them..   Before I knew it, I had sold over 200 hundred pairs to friends, friends of friends, and some random people at Target! It became evident that I could no longer keep accepting checks from strangers (haha), so this website was created.  Thank you so much for visiting!

I hope you love your earrings (or cuff - I am now expanding to cuffs!)  I hope you feel beautiful when you wear them - like the truest and best version of you.  You are worth it.   You are made with dignity and purpose and I want you to feel it and know it each and every day.  Much love to you today, friend, and thanks again for visiting!

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